What we do

Leaven is a business consultancy focused on transformation.

We believe transformation is bigger than just cloud. It’s about picturing new possibilities, new ways of working, and developing the cloud state to get there.

Leaven covers the critical stages of transformation, bringing clarity to cloud adoption, digital innovation, and ongoing operations.


Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption

Embrace the cloud and new ways of working to realise the benefits of digital transformation. Improve efficiency and control while creating new opportunities to add value.

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Digital Innovation

Digital innovation

Deliver operational and business efficiency, empower staff and accelerate time to market through cloud native solutions, automated delivery and operations, and data driven insights.

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Cloud Operations

Cloud operations

Streamline operations to keep cloud-native applications and services at peak performance. Deliver value continuously whilst maintaining compliance and controlling your cloud costs.

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Our partners

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Leaven is a strategic partner of Cloud Technology Partners, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) company, the cloud computing experts behind hundreds of the world’s most advanced cloud implementations.

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We work with the leading cloud providers

AWS Microsoft Azure Google Cloud

Bring clarity to transformation and the cloud state to get you there.

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