Many organisations have made significant investments to make the transformative move to cloud.

IT leaders are now faced with the challenge of supporting thousands of applications and users, managing increasing cloud costs, while needing to keep their environments secure.

Take control of your cloud compliance and cost management using Managed Cloud Controls, a suite of managed services and software solutions.

Continuous compliance

IT and business leaders understand that meeting regulatory compliance and security obligations is not optional.

IT and business leaders understand that meeting regulatory compliance and security obligations is not optional. As your team migrates applications and workflows to the cloud, how are you ensuring compliance?

Remain compliant as you work in the cloud. Find peace of mind and reduce costs around governance, risk and compliance in the cloud with Continuous Compliance.

Continuous Compliance keeps a watchful eye on systems and procedures to enforce standards satisfying compliance, security, and control requirements for workloads running on public clouds.

Key Features

  • Continuous monitoring of over 1,000 IT compliance, corporate governance and regulatory compliance controls, both technical and non-technical
  • A centralised source of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) information
  • Enterprise-level visibility of compliance through executive and operational dashboards
  • Real-time alerting of control failures and recommendations for remediation
  • The most up-to-date policies from regulatory organisations, including mainstream New Zealand standards, ensuring compliance frameworks are updated upon release
  • Continuous alignment of new cloud services and capabilities with regulatory compliance frameworks
  • Reduced time, cost and complexity of audit preparation

Continuous cost control

Make data-driven decisions to optimise cloud spend.

Continuously monitor, manage and optimise costs in the cloud with Continuous Cost Control.

Continuous Cost Control puts a window to cloud spending, providing end-to-end visibility of cloud financials, and the ingredients for detailed analysis to cut costs.

Key Features

  • A holistic view of costs associated with an enterprise cloud programme, including legacy and projected application and infrastructure costs
  • Smart application tagging and mapping of actual spend, enabling application owner accountability
  • Reconciliation of actual cloud costs back to business case ROI/TCO projections
  • Executive and operational dashboards showing the real-time status of cloud-related costs
  • Monitoring and alerting of costs anomalies, with recommendations for cost optimisation

Take control of your cloud compliance and costs

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