Transform the way your organisation works and the solutions you deliver by maximising the benefits of your cloud platform.

Leaven puts you in the driver’s seat. Harness the power of DevOps and automation to empower your people and put in place the foundations critical for innovation. Then use this platform to bring new products and services to market faster, redefine customer experiences and establish the foundations for future growth.

Create digital solutions and services

Embrace agility and innovation to evolve how your teams work, how they innovate, and how they transform your technology services and operations in the future through:

  • Cloud native development – Build cloud-native software solutions that scale dynamically to meet your organisation’s ever-changing requirements.
  • Application modernisation – Modernise your applications for the cloud to improve performance, scalability and security.
  • Big data and Analytics – Make better decisions by leveraging the power of the cloud to turn data into insights.
  • New tools and technologies – Stay ahead of the technology curve by taking advantage of the latest innovations from the public cloud vendors and see how they can add value to your organisation.

Embrace new ways of working

Set the stage for agile operating models and dynamic team performance.

As your plans change, you need a partner and methodology that can change with you. We’ll help you build a long-term, flexible and scalable architecture that will support your organisation and its needs – now and for the years to come.

Enhance your business operating model through DevOps and agile ways of working, while exploring how robotic process automation (RPA) and data insights can help drive automation.

Deliver operational efficiency by using scalable and feature rich cloud-based digital services and adopting infrastructure as code and continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.

Whatever the need, Leaven can help you redefine the way you work and deliver continuous value whilst guiding and enabling your people during our agile-based engagements.

Turn the switch on innovation

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