35% of organisations waste their cloud spend. Are you one of them?

In its 2019 ‘State of the Cloud’ report, Flexera found that, on average, organisations were wasting 35% of the money they spent on the cloud.

Think about it: One in every three dollars spent on cloud services is not being used effectively. For any organisation, this isn’t sustainable – especially in uncertain economic times.

Take control of your cloud implementation with this independent assessment based on best practice. As part of a wide-ranging analysis, our Cloud Architecture Review will also help you optimise your cloud costs by enabling you to:

  • Understand your current cloud architecture and cloud spend
  • Identify opportunities to reduce cloud “wastage”
  • Explore ways in which you can procure cloud services and save money

Optimising your cloud costs allows you to direct your funds to higher value business activities – and not BAU – while ensuring you make the most from your cloud implementation – and investment.

And in addition to helping you optimise costs, the Cloud Architecture Review will also assess your cloud architecture and operations, identifying specific opportunities for improvement.

Use the Cloud Architecture Review as the foundation for your ongoing cloud optimisation initiatives. Contact us now to find out more.