How to incorporate DevOps principles when working remotely

Your organisation can still get value from DevOps when your teams are working remotely.

This 30 minute webinar presents a series of lessons learned and ideas around how to effectively work remotely while maintaining collaboration and affinity, including:

  • Understanding different kinds of communications methods
  • Reviewing the core pillars of an efficient DevOps team
  • Best practices around working remotely in a collab culture

We give you insights and practical tips for how to incorporate DevOps to work effectively in a remote environment.

Date: DD MMM 2020

Time: 1.00pm-1.30pm

Audience: Business and technical roles will benefit from this series. Developers, Product Managers and QA roles may also get value.

Presented by Damian Luque

Cloud DevOps Engineer at Leaven

Damian is an experienced DevOps practitioner who is passionate about the adoption of cloud technologies and Agile-DevOps principles and how they enable developers, operations teams and leadership teams discover their true capabilities and growth potential.